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Palo Rose


Palo Santo, known as the “Holy Wood” has been used for centuries to remove negative energy. Rose Quartz creates an aura of inner healing and love. Selenite is a powerful stone that enhances psychic abilities, dispel negative energies, and provide spiritual clarity.  Rose Quartz is known as the universal love stone. It emanates self-love, peace, and inner healing. It opens up the heart chakra, and helps aid in healing emotional wounds of the past. During times of stress, rose quartz has been used to soothe emotions and transmute heavy energy to lighter energy. That's not all! Rose quartz isn't just great for love with others, it's great for self-love, self-awareness, and acceptance. Like other crystals, it must be re-charged regularly, preferably by the moon!


  • Cleanses energy
  • Sacred smoke clears the energy of crystals
  • Elevates mood

How to Use

  • Set rose quartz stone aside
  • Light an end of the smudge bundle
  • Waft in a circular motion


Palo santo, lavender,  rose quartz, muslin bag.

Palo Rose